Monday, 10 September 2012

Getting the best from the second hand parts market: Part 4


Much to the disappointment of those waiting for an SSD price crash to occur in the wake of the floods, it didn''t initially happen. However, since January 2012 the bottom has finally fallen out of the market and 128GB SSDs can be had for less than £50, whilst 60GB/64GB drives are going for less than £30. Granted, these aren’t the fastest drives on the market, but they will still offer the average mechanical disk user a massive boost. As a result, in 2012 an SSD should be on everyone's shopping list as the day to day benefits are huge. With the new prices dropping so low, it is honestly hard to recommend buying second hand unless you are looking to get a premium drive such as the OCZ Agility 4 or Samsung 830 for less than the new price. If money is tight, the SF2281 based Kingston V200 and Indilinx Barefoot based OCZ Vertex Plus will still provide jaw dropping upgrades for those used to mechanical drives.

However cheap they are, avoid first generation drives such as the Intel X25 G1 as these do not support the TRIM commands that keep the drives zipping along. For your piece of mind, it’s worth asking the seller to run an application that can determine drive health such as SSD life, as flash memory does degrade over time.

Best Buy: A new 120GB Vertex Plus (just £40 from Scan)

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